Group Motion Dance Dance and Transformative Meditation Marathon

in Philadelphia

Saturday, October 15 – 6 pm to Midnight

Dear friends and dance family,

I hope this finds you well in body – mind & spirit!
Group Motion is scheduled for a dance & meditation Marathon on October 15th. It’s a benefit for GM to keep it going. We are in our 48th year after coming to the US in 1968.  It’s been a long journey and even longer — as it all started in 1962 in Berlin Germany.
A life of dance and music playing — We do believe that dance, music and meditation are the alternative for a more peaceful world, and hoping to continue we are asking for your support.
Please, join us in what ever way you like and can.
Here is the link to my page: 
Sending you love and light —-
and with hopes for peacefulness and caring for the planet—


 A Listening Project


A Journey exploring dance/movement and voice, inviting movement/sound structures as principles for play, freedom of expression, communication, and performance.

Principles of giving and receiving

The power of your voice

The never seen or heard

The joy of play

Profound listening

Stretching over a ten week period, meeting once a week.

“Listen to what you know through your body.  (Frances Payne Adler)