Short Bio

Brigitta Herrmann 2015-Gitta Herrmann, (Brigitta Herrmann) is a Performer, Choreographer, and Dance / Movement Educator with over Fifty years of cumulative experience in building community through dance/movement and performance. Her teaching, performing and creating dance art establishes her as a leading force in the arena of dance improvisation and choreography. Anchored in the Mary Wigman tradition of dance, her work expresses her cross cultural roots. She is co-founder of MOTION, Berlin, Germany, and in the U.S., Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theater and Ausdruckstanz Dance Theater, in Philadelphia, PA. Her passion and commitment to awareness practices and transformation are reflected in her work.

Herrmann is co-founder and co-director and co-facilitator of the locally, nationally, and internationally highly acclaimed Group Motion Workshop, an interactive, improvisational dance workshop in Philadelphia.

Herrmann’s dance art exceeds over 100 performance works and collaborations. Her works have been presented locally, nationally and in Europe. Her artistic work has been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Brigitta Herrmann Dance

Brigitta in “Imprints” 1989