Group Motion Dance Workshop

The Group Motion Friday Night Workshop (GMFNW) is an Improvisational Dance/Movement/Music Workshop.

Starting in 1971, it arose one day from a Group Motion dancers studio practice session, led by the verbal guidance from Brigitta Herrmann in interaction with live music created by Manfred Fischbeck and other musicians.

A specific series of guidances through movement meditations, focuses on breath, sound and movement qualities was channeled by Brigitta and emerged as a kind of ‘programation‘, a warm up, a blue print, that in the later part of the session lead into the practice of structures and interactive games of movement expression, communication and play.

The present day Group Motion Workshop, held on Friday nights, is accessible to people of all ages, dancers and non-dancers alike for over 46 years and is still ongoing today. During these decades It has kept however the basic original concept and structure intact. Through the hundreds of ongoing Friday Night sessions in Philadelphia, numerous retreats and tours through the US and abroad it has reached thousands of people.

Since 1974 facilitated by either Brigitta and her vocal/percussion playing, or Manfred and his vocalization and his keyboard playing (also in conjunction with other musicians), the FNW evolved and has been modified and informed by Brigitta’s studies in awareness and holistic healing and the human energy field, as well as in Dance/Movement Therapy including acquisition of an MA in Somatic Psychology at Naropa University, and by Manfred’s 40 years of practice of Group Motion Workshop and Company and  Dance Improvisation Teaching at the University of the Arts.

Upon demand, a Teacher’s Training was initiated in 1998 and is currently ongoing, already having led to the formation of Satellite Workshops in Wilmington/Arden, Delaware and Wayne, Pennsylvania

When: Held almost Every Friday night for over 50 years
3500 Lancaster Avenue, 3rd floor studio
Location: Community Education Center (CEC)
Philadelphia, PA 19104

During Covid some weekly sessions are being held online or in outdoor locations, parks etc – see link below for more details.

Cost: $20 / $15 first-timers / $10 students or DancePass
More information on the Group Motion Dance Workshop (for more info click this link)

(This program can also be presented at your location, event, Dance workshop or educational institution)

We know through brain research now about the remarkable effects of meditation. Doing Nothing: Dance of Stillness, brings dance and meditation together as a powerful therapeutic practice.

Doing Nothing: Dance of Stillness is form of dance improvisation mobilizing creative expression and exchange of energy. We practice and learn to move in ways that are authentic and in the process become more aware of how we feel and experience life.

In each session, you will be guided from a meditative place with attention to breath, sensation, and emotion and towards authentic expression.  As we learn to listen more deeply to your inner prompts and sensations and gain more insight and awareness the soul and heart opens with delight of being present in the healing wisdom of dance.

Brigitta Herrmann, MA, R-DT is a native of Germany and former student of Mary Wigman cofounder of Group Motion and Ausdruckstanz Dance Theater.  As a Philadelphia-based movement educator and dance artist, her teaching, performing, and choreographing since 1962 has been recognized nationally and internationally,  integrating Body Mind Centering, Reiki, Somatic Psychology and Dance Movement Therapy, Creative Visualization, Brennan Healing Science, Sound Healing. 

This program is held periodically, or can be brought to your location, or held for your group in our space.

Contact: Brigitta, please use our contact form

Quotes from participants:

“It was interesting…doing nothing turned into doing something…wonderful” Marcy

“Doing nothing in a meaningful way was really striking. I slowed down and connected in a deeper way…” Cathy L.

For more on what Brigitta Herrmann is d ing in the world of dance: