Brigitta Herrmann




Brigitta Herrmann’s dance career began in Germany in the 1960s, routed in the Mary Wigman tradition of dance, her work continues today as a performer, choreographer, collaborator and teacher. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, her work has been presented locally, across the US, and in Europe, and recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Pew Charitable Trusts.

With an MA in Somatic Psychology & Dance Movement Therapy from Naropa University Boulder CO., her passion and commitment to awareness practices and transformation are reflected in her work.

Dance Chose Me

Brigitta Herrmann CHOICES Photo by Bill Hebert

Brigitta Herrmann CHOICES, 2013, Photo by Bill Hebert

“Dance for me is both, an art form and a way of being. I can truly say that dance is my teacher & my medicine. I chose dance and ‘dance chose me’.

The seeds of dance belong to our innate wisdom.

The art form is the space to bring forth the yet unseen. Reaching into the ‘universal pie’ of all there is and extracting moments of its essence, making it visible through the power of the moving body.  The body as a fine tuned, powerful instrument that is capable of reaching into depth and nuances of the human experience. Dance, as a voice that is universal to all human beings, capable of speaking, articulating, drawing into the space, making space and time and energetic dimensions visible. Nurtured by continues practice, by self observation, by study and determination the seeds of dance grow and bloom into divine intelligence.

The dance of being is available to everyone for re-creation, transformation, healing, harmonizing, balancing, and for play. We can enter into a state of being present, inner knowing, or wisdom.  Letting go of ego, so to speak, we “loose our mind,” and gain another sense of consciousness. It brings to mind shamanic practices, facilitates transformation, facilitates the balance of left brain right brain, the rational with the intuitive.

I believe that the ability and practice of this form of dance is a catalyst for health and for survival of the human race.”

Gitta Herrmann

Dance of Longing, Choreography by Brigitta Herrmann in collaboration with & perfomed by Laina Fischbeck

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