Involvement with Music and Voice

Dance and music become a unified whole in choreography and in support of ritual and play.

“I often surprise myself with sound-making, I find my voice sparked and triggered by the dance/movement I observe and breathe with during my guiding of classes or workshops, and by tunes and rhythms of the musicians I play with.

In the context of Group Motion workshops my voice reaches into and connects with the energy of the dance in support and exchange of its dynamic flow and directive undercurrent.

My engagement in music has always been there, self evident, almost without myself noticing, and without effort, rather like a constant companion, and the impact becoming known to me by the comments of others.Gitta Herrmann Group Motion Workshop

My perfect pitch is more like that of a bird who doesn’t know an A from C, yet always hits the right tone. It is not from a conscious decision but rather from an innate knowing and my sense for providing support and harmony, regulated by breath.

I believe it stems from growing up in a family of musicians, while throughout my childhood years I was listening to my mother, a pianist, teaching piano, my aunt an opera singer, practicing her voice, my uncle first French Horn player of the symphony orchestra, practicing for concerts, my sister a music teacher, practicing flute. I assumed the invisible voice while listening to all, finding my voice within it. Now, I still find my voice, or rather, weather harmony or dissonance, my voice finds itself.   My music playing also includes rhythm, playing drums and percussive instruments.

Throughout the years, I have noticed the healing effect of sound making on myself and others, and I studied and researched such practices since the early 80s.” (Brigitta)

“The human voice is the most natural and powerful vehicle for musical self-expression.”  (David Darling)