“The dance is a living language that speaks of man  — an artistic message soaring above the ground of reality in order to speak, on a high level, in images and allegories of man’s innermost emotions and need for communication.”

(Mary Wigman)

My impulse towards creation of a dance, a choreography varies greatly. It may arise from a personal memory or feeling, from a piece of music or a painting, or it may be inspired by conditions or circumstances of the environment or social outcry. 

To begin the creative process I’ll start with improvisation related to the idea or theme. Improvisations will activate the  process of creating form, of formulating expression, diving into the realm of the unknown, the dream-space, the unspeakable and unforeseeable. We, the dancers enter the subconscious domain of something, moving towards manifesting, making visible, creating something from nothing, drawing it into the space.

Brigitta Herrmann Sarasota, Group Motion REach work is a weaving of personal experience, yet moving beyond the personal towards the universal realm. For each new work I must generate the vocabulary from the inside out, and find its particular language. I rely on the vocabulary through my own body, and the bodies of the dancers I’m working with.  Their ability and talent, fine tuned through training and practice is instrumental in the translation of ideas and suggestions.  The practice may begin without music, yet in the process the added music offers an additional dimension. It serves as a tool for perception and realization, for organizing expressions, their dynamic, their timing and spatial direction.”       Brigitta

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