thINKingDance, 2012

“Herrmann’s dance, “about CHOICE,” was a brilliant example of commitment in improvisation. I was inspired to see an artist of maturity moving with such clarity and humor. Her nuanced movement choices shaped by her use of breath convinced me at every turn. Because Herrmann was so present in each moment, I understood her journey. As a sculptor reveals the statue within the marble, so Herrmann revealed the motivation within the dance.”

tanz-journal; 2008

Susanne Linke (choreography… QUASI NORMAL

Die Frau bewegt sich langsam durch die Gruppe, ganz nach innen lauschend, als ob sie versucht sich an etwas zu erinnern. Und Brigitta Herrmann kann sich in der Tat an vieles erinnern. …Die ueber 70jeahrige bringt enorme Preasenz in dieses Stueck.  Der Kontrast zwischen dem inneren Frieden, den sie mit ihrer in sich ruhenden Bewegung vermittelt, und dem Actionismus der jungen Teanzerinnen ist wirkungsvoll und faszinierend.

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2005

Jeanne Ruddy (choreography)…”Out of the Mist, Above the Real, which details progressive stages of a woman’s life leading to the inexorable letting go into death. Guest Brigitta Herrmann delivered the evening’s most direct and touching performance.”

The City Paper 1998

“Emergence –A Life Story, a tour-de-force solo by Herrmann. Both playful and powerful, it presented assorted episodes symbolic of Herrmann’s own evolutionary process.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer 1996

“Earthmatters, done to ritualistic handdrumming, bird calls and a stage set of painted rocks,…..while those in cocoons emerge to do hypnotic spinning dances.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer 1992

“Herrmann’s Entrance to Heaven makes an about-face with a comic…..The contrast between the heavenly bodies – who move with angelic calm and grace in flowing gowns – and the pointedly human creatures is witty and well sustained.”

The City paper 1990

“Herrmann has assembled a very promising young company, and this intellectually rigorous piece includes a number of physically challenging images for them to create …..The central pleasure of the entire evening was the professionalism and style with which the performance was mounted….”

The Philadelphia Inquirer 1990

“As she moves, her hands keep touching parts of her body, not nervously exactly, but with muted anxiety. You don’t quite know whether she (Herrmann) is willing her body to move, or whether she is in a trance. She is surely an inexorable force…..”

Welcomat 1987

“Herrmann’s appearance before the huge, bright images was magical…

….The stunning visuals contrasted with the low key voice.”                                                                                                   

Welcomat 1987

“Coming out of the long tradition of the great modern dance pioneer Mary Wigman, Herrmann’s own very precise dancing always expresses exactly what she wants us to know.”